In the Aftermath of the American Election

The American election has come and gone and with it, the short-lived Presidency of Donald J Trump 45th President of the United States.

For many, his defeat spells the end of the American experiment and with it a growing sense of guilt for their past. Right or wrong it’s a recipe for disaster and the end of an era.

The defeatist mentality that pervades leftist thought in America’s universities, and much of its Political class alongside a partisan media that promotes political correctness over common sense, ensures the moral decay taking place in America today will continue on its way to oblivion.

How could this happen? Firstly the hijacking of its universities by those who hate western liberal values kidnapped the hearts and minds of America’s young educated elite. Convincing them that the United States was inherently evil and responsible for the wrongs of the world.

These leaders of the future were to gravitate to the Democratic party, mass media, the proffessions and in many cases big business.

They took their borrowed socialist idea’s with them and set about changing the values and identity of American society attacking liberty, freedom and its moral foundation.

Nothing was to be exempt not its history, institutions nor it’s family-centric society. Even its much-hallowed constitution was to be discarded as an anachronism of a white-dominated society.

In their place these new marxists would instill in an adrift society bitterness and fear, of frustration and anger, of economic, social, and political upheaval with an abstract vision for the future.

America is wracked today by a social crisis that is swiftly changing all the norms, where once its people were dedicated to hard work, discipline, individual responsibility and respect for authority are now reversing all of these concepts and more and as a consequence are reaping the whirlwind of moral decadence that announces the death of civilizations and cultures.

The ‘Me Generation’ and what I want! has become the new moral imperative. Instant gratification, is the new ‘Rights of Man’.

What role has President-Elect Biden and his Social Democrats had in all this chicanery. Well for one they have been promising everything to the Left minded Americans if your less privileged they guarantee a better life at the expense of the better off. These populists are pandering to greed, envy, and instant gratification, with impossible promises that will never be met.

Eventually, the Democrats will need to turn on their foot soldiers if they are to avoid mob rule from overthrowing democracy, stability, and civilization.

However, you will never witness the turmoil and failures of the new administration. Because the compliant Leftist media will be promoting the narrative you are going to be hand-fed which will tell you every day of the miraculous success the Biden Presidency is achieving in fighting the Coronavirus, rebuilding the economy, transforming foreign policy and achieving peace in our lifetime. All ‘Fake News’!

But if you didn’t know better all the protestations of alarm would see nothing more than a “Damp squid.”

One last thought before I let you go back to sleep Jews of America your about to be saved from your own foolishness by the hatred and contempt of many of your ‘fellow Americans!’ May you wake up before it’s too late!

Yosef Yigal Drever

Yosef Yigal Drever and Sylvia Drever co-founded Achdut HaLev in 2006 to reach out to the Jewish community's around the world providing support in learning Torah and promoting the 'Return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.' Yosef Yigal made Aliya in 2014 while Sylvia his wife is an Israeli. In late 2014 Achdut HaLev concentrated all its resources towards Aliya and the rebuilding of Eretz Yisrael. Excluding none and embracing all. The commandment to settle the Land of Israel is equal in importance to all the Torah Commandments all together: (Sifri Deut 12:29)