America wants its Pound of Flesh

Six days after President Biden moved into the Oval Office his administration turned the clock back four years as they announced their intention to resume normal relations with the Palestinian leadership. Top of their list the restoration of U.S. contributions to UNRWA the U.N. agency responsible for dispensing aid to Palestinians as well as U.S. taxpayer aid to the Palestinians with the knowledge that the Palestinian Authority openly distributes these monies to convicted terrorists and their families. America will have its Pound of Flesh even if that means encouraging vicious crimes against the Jewish people going about their daily lives. Should anyone join hands with these malicious criminals in their desire for Jewish blood by making money available to these same criminals then the paymasters are guilty of condoning and supporting the Pay to Slay murder programme of Abbas and his gang of thugs.

How much is a Jews life worth in the court of public opinion? I dare say very little if history is anything to go bye.

Then I should not be surprised that Biden chooses policy over morality given that nations have interests not friendships at heart when making policy.

America is in crisis and should not be relied on for support of any kind as it drifts from untrue facts to half-truths, and drowns itself in a sea of radical-left thinking, economic uncertainty, social collapse, and racial problems manipulated by the politically correct elites and their cronies. This self-destructive obsession on the part of America can only end badly for Americas Jews and ultimately the political isolation of the Jewish State.

The truth is the Biden administration does Israel a favour by courting our lethal enemies if only to alert us to the danger that awaits us.

Yosef Yigal Drever

Yosef Yigal Drever and Sylvia Drever co-founded Achdut HaLev in 2006 to reach out to the Jewish community's around the world providing support in learning Torah and promoting the 'Return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.' Yosef Yigal made Aliya in 2014 while Sylvia his wife is an Israeli. In late 2014 Achdut HaLev concentrated all its resources towards Aliya and the rebuilding of Eretz Yisrael. Excluding none and embracing all. The commandment to settle the Land of Israel is equal in importance to all the Torah Commandments all together: (Sifri Deut 12:29)