Ha Bayit (The Temple Mount) and Grasshoppers.

In response to National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and other government ministers visiting the Temple Mount last Sunday. Hamas and sources from the Palestinian Authority made their nauseating threats against the Jewish State. This is expected from their kind models of deceit and deception liars, lacking a moral compass. Their hands are covered in […]

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The Inevitable War.

War is more certain today than at any other time since WWII— a war between two opposing camps and two very different ideologies. China, Russia and Iran, on the one hand, and America and its reluctant allies on the other. Inadvertently China is being assisted in its war plans by America’s very own establishment, absorbed […]

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Judicial Reform: That’s not the Question.

Judicial Reform is becoming a ‘Hot Potatoe’ issue within the Netanyahu government. The counter-protest movement of conservative Israelis has taken away Netanyahu’s political figleaf. He can no longer sight the destabilising Leftist protests as a reason to put the reforms on the back burner. While the Leftists never voted for him in the last election […]

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Ukraine Prelude to All-Out War.

While the war in Ukraine is becoming one of attrition, its lifeblood flows from the United States and its European allies. Should America decide its aims have been met or it loses interest, that lifeblood will be cut off before you can say “as American as apple pie.” The Ukraine war will be remembered for […]

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