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Australia Sides With Evil!

Australia has well and truly entered the war against the Jewish State with its foreign minister, Penny Wong, calling for a two-state solution in response to the conflict in Gaza. The foreign minister said a ” pathway out of this endless cycle of violence” in the Middle East could only come with the recognition of […]

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The World Is At War With Israel!

The world is at war with Israel and is confronted on all sides by hate groups dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State and its replacement by a Arab nationalist state that would be totalitarian, racist, and dedicated to the elimination of Jews around the world. However, the greater threat lies with the non-Arab-Moslem […]

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Finding Common Ground! Israel’s Internal Politics!

Israel has always had its divisions within its political culture no different than other countries, yet today, the Jewish State is coming under immense pressure as its politicians and political activists undermine the cohesive national bond, which has, in one way or another, retained its integrity, remaining relatively unified and whole, under conditions of material […]

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The West’s Trojan Horse!

The West and America, in particular, are currently in a fight for their very survival as nation-states. The United States essentially depends on a common national sentiment of uniformity of principles and longstanding habits, love of country is one of those key principles. In its mad rush to dismantle its sovereign borders and admit indiscriminately […]

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Ignorance: A Passport To Collaboration!

So little has changed since Nazi Germany cast its evil shadow over much of Europe from 1933 to 1945 as it descended into horrors unimaginable the entire scope of its hatred for Jews revealed to our eyes the lengths many would go to satisfy their blood lust for the murder of Jewish men, women, and […]

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If You’re Not At War With Woke, You Should Be!

If you’re not at war with woke thought, you should be. It’s been some ten years since woke ideology embedded itself into mainstream society, where it has become the darling of the American and European Left, putting forward a radical agenda based on identity politics, gender identities, social justice, white privilege and reparations for slavery […]

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A Call To Jewish Leadership Around The World!

At the end of World War II, the gruesome horrors, in all their cruelty, were slowly revealed to a disbelieving world. The Jewish communities of Europe had been eradicated. Among the victims were parents, siblings, and children. Genocide, according to a plan executed with deceit and German precision, had not been seen in all of […]

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America Has Signed Its Own Death Warrant!

The Biden administration’s decision to abstain from using its power of veto during the United Nations vote on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza allowed the resolution to be adopted by its member states. The American action was tantamount to siding with Hamas while throwing Israel under the bus. By doing so, America has signed its […]

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