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When is Truth not the Truth?

In a sentence when Kamala Harris opens her mouth. And that’s exactly what she did when visiting George Mason University on a talk recently. Harris replied to a student who had just gone on a rant full of errors and outright slander of the Jewish State, to which the Vice President could only congratulate the […]

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Its Time to Cut the Financial Apron strings

Times change, and so do traditional allies. Israel is a mini financial superpower and does not need American financial support, and this Tuesday’s decision by the House Democrats to remove Iron Dome funding from the upcoming budget is a stark reminder of the dangers of relying on any country who by its very nature must […]

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Oslo the Fraud that won’t go away.

It comes as no surprise that the Oslo fraud continues to find favor amongst the European elites and America’s political class. However, it’s galling to witness Jewish leadership’s willingness to appease the murderers of our people while discarding Zionism the fulfillment of the Jewish spiritual destiny. These unscrupulous business suites embrace Oslo as they would […]

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Stop Bleating Afghanistan has Gone!

Afghanistan is now in the international rearview mirror regardless of the rights and wrongs of a dishonorable retreat. Stop bleating it’s gone. Yes, the lessons of Vietnam were not heeded in the case of Afghanistan or Iraq. They both originated from a meltdown of international order and ended with an ignominious capitulation of power by […]

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The Politics of Deceit

The accepted definition of the word deceit proclaims it the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid: the act or practice of deceiving: deception achieving one’s goals through a web of deceit. It’s also an attempt or device to deceive. While deceit is nothing new in politics […]

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