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Save My Marriage Program


Limited to 6 Seats per Program

Save My Marriage 6 Week Program

6 Audio Courses, Live Weekly Q&A Session and Weekly Action Plan to help you have a peaceful loving home

Ideal for a busy schedule

Featured on Israel News Talk Radio.. Listen here

Audio & Plan of Action

Module 1 - The Key to Immediate Results - The Heart

Since you have no time to lose, this workshop is designed to help you get those immediate results you need and need now. You will discover that, even if your marriage has been on the rocks for many years, you can instantly make a positive change in your relationship with your wife. Take what you learn, immediately do it and your wife will within seconds begin to wonder, in a positive way, “What happened to you? Who have you been talking to?”.

Audio & Plan of Action

Module 2 - Secrets to ending Chaos in Your World

Immediately your chaotic world will make sense to you. Not only that, your world will no longer be chaotic. By the end of this workshop you will be able to handle in a very calm way anything that is thrown at you because it will all make sense to you. You’ll be more at ease with your situation and with your wife. She will see that all of a sudden you are more understanding, compassionate and calm. Immediately, you will be more relaxed and healthier. 

Audio & Plan of Action

Module 3 - The Nature of Women

The main source of all your arguments and fighting with your wife will disappear. You will have a much greater understanding of your wife’s nature and how she sees and processes the world around her and what makes her tick. Through this you will also have a greater understanding of yourself. The immediate effect is that finally you will know how to talk with her in ways that will prevent arguments and new ways to communicate that will significantly enhance the chances of both of you walking together as partners and not as enemies.

Audio & Plan of Action

Module 4 - Secrets to Wealth

This workshop reveals the secrets to increasing your material wealth. Even more importantly, you will learn the secrets to a more peaceful and happy marriage no matter what your financial situation is. By doing everything you’ll learn in this workshop you will not only immediately be more at ease and comfortable with your financial situation but by doing so you will significantly raise the chances of increasing G-d’s blessing of financial stability.

Audio & Plan of Action

Module 5 - The Happiness Code

This workshop focuses on your and your wife’s spiritual well-being which raises the level of peace and harmony in your marriage. Do what is suggested and you will achieve the ultimate goal in marriage: making the marriage a source of joy and happiness for your wife and for you. By doing so you also make it a source of joy and happiness for G-d Himself. This workshop shows you how to successfully do that. 

Audio & Plan of Action

Module 6 - Returning to the Wedding Canopy

Regain the love for each other that was felt under your wedding canopy by learning how to look at things in the right perspective in a nuts and bolts way.  By using what is shown in this workshop on an everyday level when interacting with your wife your marriage will once again be filled with the love for each other that you had at the beginning; no matter how many years ago that was.  By the end of this workshop you will see how and why despair and hopelessness has no place in your life.

Why This Program is So Great...




  • Easy and simple solutions
  • Confidentiality
  • Complete anonymity
  • Fits within your busy schedule because you control when and where to listen to the workshops
  • No one will even know that you are participating in this program
  • Personal growth
  • Success!


Most other programs tell us the destination but not how to get there. They don't seem to have any end or can tell you how long it will take. A money pit.

  • The Save My Marriage Program is a step by step program that teaches you how to get there in only 6 weeks.

  • A fraction of the cost of the standard programs

    Would divorce lawyers and marriage counselors offer you a money back guarantee?! No!


There is nothing else like it out there...


About Richard Davis, husband & father

My wife and I have been married since 1995.  Due to many factors that are personal to my family, I can assure you that it has not always been easy or peaceful. I can understand what you may be going through. 

This unique and amazing program was born out of my personal experiences, struggles and triumphs in marriage. I decided to write down what I learned. When I showed my writings to my rabbis, they all urged me to create a program and make it available for others that need help. (See the section below "What Top Rabbis are Saying").  The positive effects the "Save My Marriage Program" has had on the lives of husbands and their wives, even those whose marriage had been in turmoil for decades have been amazing. 

~Richard Davis

P.S. Listen to my interview on Israel News Talk Radio.. Listen here

"In the 'eyes' of G-d you are a successful husband when you get back on that horse and continue your heartfelt endeavors to be a little bit better husband each day. Success has never been easier."

What You'll Get

Six Weekly MP3 Workshops

Weekly “Plan of Action”

Weekly LIVE “Q&A” 

6 Weeks Email Consulting

Easy Reference Guide

What Husbands Are Saying...

While all the testimonials are from Israel, I'm now helping husbands world wide. 

Where no one and nothing could help, Richard's workshops immediately did...

"I did everything exactly as Richard instructed in his workshops and after so many tumultuous years in our marriage there was an immediate positive affect that my wife could not believe and after approximately 20 years we, for the first time, picked up the pieces of our marriage and began to rebuild. Where no one and nothing could help, Richard's workshops immediately did. Even our children immediately began to quarrel less with each other because the relationship between my wife and I immediately improved. Richard, thank you so very much."

S, Israel

Even after just the first workshop I immediately became more humble...

"True, simple and what I needed to hear. Even after just the first workshop I immediately became more humble." 

Y, Israel

Clear, powerful, helpful.

RABBI N.,Ramat Beit Shemesh

she began to look forward to my return each week...

"I liked the fact that Richard put his heart into both the material and the delivery.…I returned home from every shiur energized, which rubbed off on my wife, and she began to look forward to my return each week, anticipating my good mood.

C, Israel

(Feedback from the live program in Tzfat. More from that session below)


Within one day I went from wanting a divorce to being proud of him...

For many years I suffered as a wife. My husband was not the loving person I thought he would be. He could not accept things that needed to be accepted which created a lot stress in my life. He met every negative situation with anger. There was always tension. He never saw what I was going through and what our children were going through;
especially, one of our children who has issues with anger and impulsiveness. My husband was only seeing himself. Finally, I had enough and one morning I told him that I wanted out and I wanted a divorce and that I'm taking the children. On that very same day, I saw my husband doing things and helping in ways that I never saw before. The way he spoke to me was all of a sudden different. As if he was saying to me that he cares. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. I asked him what happened and he told me that he wanted to save our marriage, that he wanted to work on himself, and he started to take a program to help him to do that. Within one day I went from wanting a divorce to being proud of him in his efforts to improve himself as a husband. I encouraged him to continue the program as it was working. Today, because of this program, I can say that our home has become a much more loving, accepting and calmer place. Since taking this program he has more positive and accepting
reactions to all situations. This has caused the entire household to react more positively to situations. Even the child that has issues with anger and impulsiveness is becoming calmer. I strongly recommend this program to all husbands who are in need of this. Thank you Richard for bringing this wonderful program to my husband and to our

Mrs. G, Israel

Is This Program Right For You?

This program is not for everybody.  When it comes to marriage, unfortunately, circumstances may dictate that the only resolution to the marital strife is divorce, but that must be the last resort and only determined through the consultation with a rabbi who is very familiar with you and your wife’s situation.  It is of the utmost importance you have a rabbi in your life who can help you to make some of the most difficult decisions in life (it is also very important for a wife to have a rebbitzen/rabbi's wife in her life for the same reasons)...

Who is this for

  • Husbands who are in conflict with their wives, no matter how big or small, and want to bring peace to their marriage.
  • Husbands who are on the verge of divorce and believe there is no hope of saving the marriage.
  • Husbands who are struggling to keep it all-together and it’s influencing his relationship with his wife.
  • Husbands who want to bridge a gap they may have with their wives in order to come closer to their wives.
  • New husbands who want to build a foundation in the beginning of their marriage to prevent potential problems and increase peace and happiness in their marriage.
  • Divorced husbands who are either thinking about re-marrying or who already have and want to increase the chances of success this time around.

Who is this not for

  • Husbands who are in conflict with their wives and are not serious about bringing peace to their marriage
  • Husbands who are on the verge of divorce and want to end the marriage
  • Husbands who are not interested in coming closer to their wives
  • Husbands who do not want to acquire the tools to successfully meet any challenge

Try the Save My Marriage program risk free for one week. If you don't see any improvement whatsoever then just send me a message before the second workshop is sent and I will refund your money, no questions asked. You may keep the first workshop (a $150 value). You end up getting more than you started with. So, what do you have to lose by signing up?

~Richard Davis

Bonus Section

One on One Session with Richard Davis

A one-time one hour private one-on-one session with Richard

 ($150 Value)


7 Minutes to Shalom Bayit

A 7th recording given at the end of the program. This is a short recording to strengthen you in ways that will keep you refreshed and strong. This recording is meant to be heard on a daily basis to energize you as you meet another day of interactions with your wife. Even I listen to it. It really helps. (Priceless Value)



Shabbat & Yom Tov Shalom Bayit Checklist

You will receive a weekly check list of top tips to make sure you and your family have a wonderful Shabbat and a joyous holiday.



Shalom Bayit Weekly Torah Portion Chizuk (Strengthener)

You will also receive weekly words of Torah which discusses what the weekly Torah portion has to teach us about peace in the home that you can actually use not only on the Sabbath but also on a daily basis. (Priceless value)

Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below

Package 1 (Group Program - 6 seat Limit)

Six Weekly Workshops

At the beginning of each week I will send to you a workshop. These workshops are recorded. They can be heard at any time and for however long you want and wherever you want; all within your busy schedule. You should complete the weekly sessions on time so that you’ll be ready to jump into the following workshop. These recordings are yours to keep for easy reference at any time.

Weekly “Plan of Action”

Each "plan of action" is individually tailored to the subject for that week. This will help you to use what you’ve learned in the particular weekly workshop when relating to your wife on a daily basis.

Weekly LIVE Q&A

These are group sessions that will allow you to discuss with Richard and other husbands any questions, difficulties or successes you may have for that particular week. These sessions build comradery and community with other husbands who are participating in the program. You will never be alone and, at the same time, you can still keep confidentiality and anonymity.


When you have questions about what you are learning you can send an email anytime and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Easy Reference Guide

This is to help you to quickly locate the recording that specifically deals with the subject you need to work on.

BONUS 7TH recording at the end of the program

This recording is a general overview of all the main subject areas we covered throughout this program.

Package 2 Private 

6 Weekly private one on one sessions, plus everything in package 1. 

Incredible value...

Both packages are easily worth over $2000.
Plus everything comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee... And you can keep the first course!
It's a no brainer.
What do you have to lose?
Shalom Bayit is one Click away.


Try the Save My Marriage program risk free for one week. If you don't see any improvement whatsoever then just send me a message before the second workshop is sent and I will refund your money, no questions asked. You may keep the first workshop (a $150 value). You end up getting more than you started with. So, what do you have to lose by signing up?

~Richard Davis

What Top Rabbis are Saying...

This man who has turned to me is an honest and decent person, whom I personally know well from the time that he married into a family from our holy city; he is now living in the holy city of Tzfat. Rafael Yaakov (Richard) Davis, may G-d protect him and keep him alive, is a precious and elevated man; a G-d fearing, honest and straightforward person who accepts with love Heaven's way of running his life whatever the situation. He has now authored works of guidance and instruction to assist and to benefit those approaching marriage in establishing faithful Jewish homes and to guide them in proper domestic conduct with advice and wisdom to strengthen the fortress of peace in the home and to be satisfied with their portion.

He has authored these works in English (his native language). Richard is under the auspices of my friend, a man of action and a great teacher Rav Rafael Weingot of Tzfat, who has reviewed Richard's works. Rav Weingot is an English speaker and he has confirmed to me that these works are straight and proper and are appropriate for the one who is saying them. I, thus, hereby recommend and affirm that Richard is fitted and suited to deliver his series of instructive classes and to disseminate them among English speakers who wish to know how to conduct themselves. May G-d help him to increase peace, may his efforts be productive and may he receive blessing from G-d.

Rabbi Abraham Dov Auerbach
Former Chief Rabbi of Tiberias
Former head of the Rabbinical Court
Tiberias, Israel

I have seen the words of the rabbis who have given recommendations regarding Mr. Davis. I too desire to join with those involved in a mitzvah and to bless him that he should be a successful guide in the ways of Torah, fear of Heaven and ethics. May he merit to build faithful Jewish homes, and may he receive much reward from our Father in Heaven. 

Rabbi Avigdor Nebendzahl
Former Chief Rabbi of the Old City 
Jerusalem, Israel

I also personally know Mr. Davis to be an honest and decent person, and I join these important rabbis in recommending his work. I bless him for success in his endeavor. His merit is great indeed for enabling the Divine Presence to dwell in the Jewish homes.

Rabbi David Zeev Reich
Chief Rabbi of Sanz-Tzfat
Tzfat, Israel

Life, peace and all good to my dear friend Rafael Yaakov (Richard) Davis, may he live in good and pleasantness with all his family.

After offering my best wishes, I hereby wish with this letter to strengthen and to acknowledge your great work in guiding our fellow Jewish couples towards building devoted homes in Israel and towards proper conduct in life’s path on the ways of the Holy Torah and in accordance with the Rabbinic sources. With G-d’s help, you have accomplished a great deal in these areas.

I have seen your work, this series of classes in English to guide families and to help them to experience the saying of Rabbi Akiva, "When husband and wife are deserving, the G-dly  presence dwells between them." [Sota 17a]. [I have seen your efforts] to aid them in dealing with life’s trials and, with G-d’s help, those efforts will prove beneficial.

May it be G-d’s will that you will be able to continue to work and to increase the honor of Heaven for many more years, as you aspire and as I, your well-wisher, aspire for you.

I wait expectantly for G-d’s salvation in the blink of an eye. My sincere wishes for your blessing and success.

May peace reign among Israel.

Rabbi Ben Zion Rabinovich
The Biala Rebbe
Jerusalem, Israel

To the generous lovers of loving kindness in every place. May G-d's Presence be upon them

I hereby request with this letter on behalf of Rafael Yaakov (Richard) Davis, may G-d protect him and keep him alive, from the City of Tzfat. Richard has been actively involved for some time giving classes and lectures to bring the light of tranquility and peace into Jewish families and to create stable and elevated homes. He invests his time and effort in building faithful homes among Israel.

Needless to say, these activities require great and special dedication, and he needs to be free from other business and concerns. Richard needs the support of our generous brethren amongst the People of Israel in order to be able to continue his work.

I hope that the lovers of charity and beneficence will happily come to his aid and be partners in this mitzvah. 

May those who help and support him be blessed with good health and abundant Heavenly aid, blessing, success and satisfaction from all their offspring and all good forever.”

Rabbi Aaron Biederman
The Leiluver Rebbe
Beit Shemesh, Israel

I hereby affirm with this letter that I know Richard Davis from the holy city of Tzfat, may G-d protect him and keep him alive, and that he has fear of Heaven, fine character traits and behavior and faith in Torah Sages.

I, likewise, affirm that Richard Davis, may Hashem protect him and keep him alive, is qualified to give classes in the English language on the subject of proper domestic conduct and on the correct approach toward living life with joy and kind-heartedness. [He bases himself] on the words and conduct of the righteous ones of the past and the rabbis of the present, as well as on his special life challenges which enable him to understand and to explain proper domestic conduct and how to bring tranquility and a healthy way of life into the home.

I hereby encourage and bless him in all that he does that he should be highly successful in this great and important mitzvah and increase peace, which is G-d's unique vessel for containing blessing for the Jewish People. 

Rabbi Nachman Kenig
Headmaster of the Breslev Yeshiva for married men
Kiryat Breslev, Tzfat, Israel

I have been approached by my friend, Richard Davis, a man filled with love, a precious spirit and a wise man, who brings splendor to the community, with a series of classes on how to build a faithful home among the Jewish People. I have reviewed his work and found it to contain tried and true material in a new vessel, anchored in our ancient tradition. His classes contain wonderful fundamentals vital for every home, with a wonderful fusion of Jewish values and a Torah spirit. They are fitting to be heard by and presented to all those who wish to establish homes based on the Torah.

I also wish to make known that, Richard Davis, who presents this material, practices what he preaches. Most of what he teaches he learned through his own personal experience and from his surroundings. And no one is wiser than a man of experience. Richard also possesses a special knack for speaking to husbands on this subject in a vital and easily comprehensible manner. One truly experiences how “words spoken from the heart enter the heart.” With G-d’s help, his efforts will produce much good.

I hope and pray that G-d will shower down blessing upon his labor, for it seems to me that this project is Richard's mission in life. May he merit to be a faithful emissary for bringing the Divine Presence to dwell in Jewish homes.

With the blessings of the Torah,
Rabbi Aaron Levy
Headmaster of the Ha’Ari Yeshiva for married men
Tzfat, Israel

The important teacher, Richard Davis, has come before me with a series of classes on how to build a faithful Jewish home. He has important and fitting things to say to anyone who wishes to establish a home based upon Torah and mitzvos.

I know Richard to be a man who practices what he preaches. I am, therefore, confident that "words which come from the heart will enter the heart" of the Children of Israel and they will produce benefit in establishing a home in holiness and purity.

May he be a faithful emissary in causing G-d’s holy Presence to dwell in the houses of Israel and in increasing domestic peace in all Jewish homes.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Chief Rabbi of Tzfat, Israel

Feedback from the live program in Tzfat...

“Here’s a rare opportunity for sincere people to work on their marriage, leading to a better quality of life in so many ways.”

Rabbi Rafael Weingot,

Dean, Yeshiva Shalom Rav, Tzfat

Powerful workshops straight from the heart.” 


Tzfat, Israel

“Even if one has a wonderful marriage, the excellent insights presented in this course are something we all should hear. Yaasher koach.”


Tzfat, Israel

“The workshops are excellent.  The information is very useful and the presentation is thorough and heartfelt.


Tzfat, Israel

"I would recommend this course as a must for all men”


Tzfat, Israel

"I liked the fact that Richard put his heart into both the material and the delivery.…I returned home from every shiur energized, which rubbed off on my wife, and she began to look forward to my return each week, anticipating my good mood. 


Tzfat, Israel

Additional Testimonial

"“Richard's Save My Marriage Program will help any husband who seriously follows the guidance this program offers.  I recommend this entire program for husbands who are willing to put in the work to improve their marriage.” 

Sara Yocheved Rigler

Presenter of the world-wide Kesher Wife Webinar
for women and author of six books on Jewish spirituality

The program is now online to help more husbands

Don't be Left Behind: Save Your Marriage Today!

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