Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israels Independence Day

It’s been 74 years since David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, announced the future States’ independence on May 14 1948. An Arab coalition immediately declared war on the fledgling state. Despite Peace agreements with Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994, the Muslim world has maintained a relatively united front against Israel’s legitimacy in spite of the so-called Abraham Accords.

While the West has been complicit in acts of aggression towards the Jewish State and continues to provide money and arms to both Israel and our potential enemies in the region, which fosters the suspicion that America and her allies are not a true friend but rather a foreign power hypocritically hedging its bets in the Middle East or worse.

If Yom Ha’atzmaut is to remain relevant to Jewish society, Israel will have to educate the nation to love freedom and develop zealous loyalty to its eternal heritage. Implanting the idea that the country’s fate is in its own hands. We must reject foreign guarantees that purport to defend us and transform us into a nation of victims needing protection in our homeland.

Hadar Yehudit offers a political and spiritual platform for the future well-being of the Jewish State and maintains Revolutionary Zionism still has an important part to play in the State’s future.

Yosef Yigal Drever

Yosef Yigal Drever and Sylvia Drever co-founded Achdut HaLev in 2006 to reach out to the Jewish community's around the world providing support in learning Torah and promoting the 'Return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.' Yosef Yigal made Aliya in 2014 while Sylvia his wife is an Israeli. In late 2014 Achdut HaLev concentrated all its resources towards Aliya and the rebuilding of Eretz Yisrael. Excluding none and embracing all. The commandment to settle the Land of Israel is equal in importance to all the Torah Commandments all together: (Sifri Deut 12:29)