When is a Double Standard not a Double Standard

When you are a leftist leaning US Democrat. The indignation and rage we are hearing from the lapdog media and every socialist member of the United States Senate and House of Representatives over the rightly condemned violent aftermath of the ill-advised January 6 March to Save America. Yet these paragons of virtue appear to be […]

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Why make Aliya?

Why make Aliya Good question and one that has been asked over the millennia by Jews of every persuasion. The answer is straight forward but rarely understood by those asking the question. Why should the question be so difficult to comprehend, it would seem after some two thousand years of exile in the Galut we […]

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What does U.S. President-Elect Joseph Biden Jr have in Common with French Revolutionary Leader Maximilien Robespierre?

The answer to that question is to be found in their political destinies. Citizen Robespierre after climbing his way to the top of the French Revolutionary government was to eventually be brought down by his political confidants over their conflicting vision of an ideal Republic and his indifference to the human cost of realising that […]

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If Covid19 has taught us anything its the frailty of modern-day society. The dictatorship of the Liberal totalitarians around the world has gone to work with uncompromising zeal as they steamroll freedom of speech, alternative ideas and the dismissal of anyone who dares question the soundness of government policy on Covid19. In tandem with a […]

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Thursday, December 17, 2020, the last day of Chanukah, the European Court of Justice upheld a Belgian ban on religious slaughter, including kosher slaughter without stunning. Many other countries in Europe also prohibit Kosher ritual slaughter including Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland. The announcement on Thursday caused many Jewish groups to protest the ruling. Brooke […]

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