The Ghetto Hangs Over Us Like a Foul Smell!

Only a few crumbling bricks remain today of the Judengasse, a dark, foul-smelling alley in Frankfurt-on-Main where disenfranchised Jews lived and toiled to survive in a hostile world. This Ghetto, like many others in Europe, were a constant reminder to Jew and Gentile that the Jew did not belong.

The Ghetto Jew was a persecuted human being, legally confined to the squalor of an overcrowded virtual prison shut off from the surrounding gentile city by walls and heavy gates. These gates were manned by soldiers and were locked at night, all day on Sundays and xian holidays. These conditions instilled a feeling of total isolation, verging on apartheid. This situation prevailed during the 18th century, a century of philosophers, political thinkers, scientists, music and architecture undreamt of in previous centuries, an age of enlightenment. Yet, for the Jew, it was barbaric and unforgiving in its treatment of Jews.

Post October 7 has brought into stark focus how little has changed in 250 years. Much of the gentile world has taken the massacre of innocent Jewish men, women and infants as a green light to embrace Jew hatred not seen since the Holocaust. They rail against Jews for defending their families and fellow citizens from horrific butchers and seeking the destruction of those who would perpetrate a thousand October 7s.

There is a deep-seated feeling amongst Gentiles that the Jew if allowed to live, can only do so in a Ghetto environment. The Jew is now freely seen as the reason for all the world suffering from wars and other calamities while demonising an Israel in pursuit of worldwide Jewish Supremacism.

The current wave of pro-palestinian supporters amongst the non-moslem non-Arab agitators are now freely calling for the extermination of Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel from America to Australia. The chanting grows louder: ‘Death to the Jews’, Death to Israel’.

These paragons of virtue scream vitriolic hate, taunt, spit and physically and verbally harass Jews and anyone who would defend them.

Through the actions of the Jew-Haters, we can see the Ghetto awaits unsuspecting Jews or, even worse, the gas chambers of hell.

The foul smell has returned!

Yosef Yigal Drever

Yosef Yigal Drever and Sylvia Drever co-founded Achdut HaLev in 2006 to reach out to the Jewish community's around the world providing support in learning Torah and promoting the 'Return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.' Yosef Yigal made Aliya in 2014 while Sylvia his wife is an Israeli. In late 2014 Achdut HaLev concentrated all its resources towards Aliya and the rebuilding of Eretz Yisrael. Excluding none and embracing all. The commandment to settle the Land of Israel is equal in importance to all the Torah Commandments all together: (Sifri Deut 12:29)