Its Time to Cut the Financial Apron strings

Times change, and so do traditional allies. Israel is a mini financial superpower and does not need American financial support, and this Tuesday’s decision by the House Democrats to remove Iron Dome funding from the upcoming budget is a stark reminder of the dangers of relying on any country who by its very nature must base all its decisions on one criterion and one criteria alone self-interest. The ultra-radical wing of the Democratic Party led by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan led the assault on the US$1 billion of funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

Israel should terminate all U.S. foreign or defense aid immediately while rejecting the premise that the aid is proof of our special relationship with the world’s one superpower. In real terms, the loss of U.S. patrimony would equate to around 1% of GDP, while the Jewish State would not be vulnerable to American pressure on a swathe of policy geared to undermine the State of Israel in its dealings with Arab nationalists within Israel’s borders.

No longer would we have to tolerate the barbs of discontent and blatant lies spilling from the mouths of Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and their fellow travelers who are personally overseeing the moral dissolution of America nor listen to the West amoral badgering demanding Jewish concessions that if followed would be tantamount to national suicide.

No thanks America, Israel would rather stand for something tangible, honest, moral, and above all Holy. You on the other hand are welcome to the dung heap that you have chosen for your selves.

It’s time to cut the financial apron strings once and for all.

Yosef Yigal Drever

Yosef Yigal Drever and Sylvia Drever co-founded Achdut HaLev in 2006 to reach out to the Jewish community's around the world providing support in learning Torah and promoting the 'Return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.' Yosef Yigal made Aliya in 2014 while Sylvia his wife is an Israeli. In late 2014 Achdut HaLev concentrated all its resources towards Aliya and the rebuilding of Eretz Yisrael. Excluding none and embracing all. The commandment to settle the Land of Israel is equal in importance to all the Torah Commandments all together: (Sifri Deut 12:29)