A Letter to the Jews of the Diaspora

Dear Jews of the Diaspora I have been thinking about you and I can’t escape a recurring thought. Why are you still there? What are you waiting for? Surely 73 years is long enough for you to make arrangements to come home and if that’s not long enough then the last 2,000 years surely have […]

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Taking a Break

The team at Achdut HaLev have taken a break this week in order to recharge our batteries and will be back with more comment on current affairs next week. Till then I leave you with this thought. Here in Israel, our politicians are wrestling for the moral high ground without much success. The one exception […]

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A Message to the Prime Minister

Netanyahu on Gaza rockets; “Our enemies should not test us.” To the Prime Minister; Whether it’s Arabs assaulting Jews in the streets of Jerusalem or Arabs launching rockets into the State of Israel it’s no longer a case of if these thugs test us they are testing us and as usual, Netanyahu talks the talk […]

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Smotrich Guilty of What???

United Torah Judaism chairman MK Moshe Gafni told Kol Barama radio on Sunday evening that he held Bezalel Smotrich head of the Religious Zionist party responsible for Netanyahu’s failure to form a right-wing government. Gafni’s anger leaves me mystified and somewhat bemused. What is the Religious Zionist leader actually guilty of? Yes, he is, without […]

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A Schnitzel a Waltz and Dirty Boots

The following is from a comment I left on the Jerusalem Post comment section 21/04/01… Titled article Europeans warn against attacks on Iran nuclear facilities April 21, 2021. Not much good has come out of Vienna since the Viennese schnitzel and the occasional Viennese Waltz and of cause it was downhill from there after corporal […]

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USA Defeatist Iran Elated the World Stupefied.

While the US under President Biden has predictably started the process of return to the 2015 Nuclear deal his administration has accepted a deal with no changes from the original agreement brokered during President Obama’s second term, and will in fact compensate Iran for any losses it may have incurred due to the sanctions imposed […]

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