Keep Katzrin Jewish—Crucial Municipal Election.

In the ongoing campaign to keep Katzrin Jewish, the upcoming municipal election is taking on—an importance beyond the everyday issues of a municipal election. There is a stark difference between the two major candidates for Mayor. Current Mayor Dimi Apartsev has an open-door policy for all. Under his watch, he has increasingly seen hundreds if […]

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It’s War, Stupid!

Following on from yesterday’s article ‘Identifying The Enemy. Israel Set Free!‘ Israel awoke to another malicious act of violence perpetrated by Arabs against Jews. It’s still unknown how the Jewish occupant of the car found himself in the Arab village of Turmus Aya south of Shilo on Sunday evening. Within minutes his car was engulfed […]

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Australia Virtue Signalling!

As Australia slowly emerges as a player on the world stage, it’s succumbing to virtue signalling at every turn. Currently, its political class are locked in a battle for the country’s soul, whether it be the referendum to promote a virtual state within the state by creating an Aboriginal parliament with review-like powers that make […]

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